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The Holiday Farm Pozzo di Mazza is located about 7 km from Syracuse, just south of Porto Grande (the Big Harbour), in the pre-park area surrounding Plemmirio marine protected park, along the streets of the baroque, just a few minutes from the beaches of Arenella and Fontane Bianche.

Derived from a nineteenth-century tenement formerly intended for processing grapes, as demonstrated by the perfectly preserved millstone, the land around the block, now used for the cultivation of citrus fruits and vegetables, were once planted with vines.

Next to the local mill there is the great oven room with an unusual shape that evokes enchanting images of ancient country life and ancient fragrances of freshly baked bread, stuffed buns and roasted vegetables.

The farm houses are surrounded by a large garden which leads directly into almost all the rooms that are quiet, spacious and furnished with simple elegance, in harmony with the charming atmosphere of the whole place. All the rooms have private bathrooms, air conditioning, refrigerator and hairdryer.
In the garden, there is a large swimming pool.

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Agriturismo Siracusa Pozzo Di Mazza Clicca per ingrandire

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